11.11 Special – Keto Burger + Caulilicious (Salad)

Call 1227 to order | 11.11 Special Offer! Enjoy your Keto burger twice as much with a hearty Caulilicious salad with a special price for November 2020.


Terms and Conditions:
  • Available for Delivery only (Website/1227/Line@)
  • All prices are inclusive 7% VAT
  • 11.11 Campaign Delivery is available everyday from 11 a.m. – 11p.m.
  • Terms and conditions may change depending on the situation.
฿518.00 ฿399.00
Limited Time Offer – KETO Boom Burger

For a limited time only! enjoy this Low Carb Burger with Sloane beef and smoked bacon wrapped with lettuce and loaded with tomato and cheddar cheese.